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Updates, Corrections and Reviews - 11 September 2010

Much of the content of 'James Fitzjames: The Mystery Man of the Franklin Expedition' was researched by me from primary sources. Inevitably in doing this there were some errors which I made. Also, the process of publication spreads the net of my research much wider, so more and more people with complementary knowledge will be able to add to mine.

I will therefore be maintaining a section on the book's website here so that as I receive this information I can maintain in one place a complete list of all the revisions I would wish to make to the book.

If you have a look now you will see there are three updates - all quite interesting. The most exciting is that I am now aware of the existence of a portrait of Sir James Gambier, James Fitzjames' true father. I am hoping to be given permission to place a detail of this on the internet. And yes, there is a strong family resemblence.

I have also added a section to the website providing links to reviews of the book. So far I have linked to 'The Arctic Book Review' and 'Macleans'. Maybe there will be more? If you see a review I have missed, please drop me a line so I can add it.

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