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Sponsorship Opportunity - 8 December 2014

This is a request for funding.

I am privy to a very exciting programme of scientific research into an important aspect of the Franklin Expedition.  It will be carried out by a team of highly respected academics and scientists and will fill in an important gap in the story of the Expedition. Indeed it has the potential to deliver a truly remarkable new insight.  I should make it clear that this project is completely unrelated to the recent finding of HMS Erebus and will take place in the UK.

My company Asset Dynamics Ltd. is supporting this research but we need additional funding to complete it.  I'm therefore posting this notice to ask anyone who wants to support this research, or who can put me in touch with a suitable sponsor, to contact me. The funding shortfall at present is in the region of £20,000.  The company or individual which provides this support will be prominently credited, including on the television programme planned to cover this project.

Could anyone interested in further information on this please contact me here.

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