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POSSIBLE new Daguerreotype of Charles Hamilton Osmer - 31 October 2010

Partially it read: 'one of the scarce documents held in my family, is a Daguerreotype of an unknown relative, which I have been unable to identify, perhaps until now, it is somewhat abused because I used to play with it when a child.

It happens that Charles Hamilton Osmer, Purser, HMS EREBUS, was my great great grandfather and until some months ago I only knew that he was lost in the Arctic, as indicated on a gravestone photograph I have showing an inscription: "Charles Hamilton Osmer R.N. Lost in the Arctic 1851". As per your notes, it may be that our Daguerreotype belongs to him'.

The known Daguerreotype of Osmer is at the Scott Polar Research Institute and is visible on their website. A small reproduction of it is given next to the 'new' Daguerreotype.

To me this looks like it could be the same man. Any thoughts?

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