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Facebook - 25 November 2014

It's fascinating how prevalent social media has become in the academic and business worlds.  Social media, it seems, is no longer just social.  I suppose that's inevitable really because, whether at work or play, Man is a social animal and we are all more productive as teams rather than as individuals.

I mention this because in the context of the Franklin Expedition the group on Facebook: "Remembering the Franklin Expedition" has become ubiquitous.  I will continue to blog here and the blog format is really excellent for thought pieces.  But I would recommend that anyone who follows my blog and is interested in the fate of the Franklin Expedition should also seek out 'Remembering the Franklin Expedition" and join it.

Franklin aficionados in Britain will already be aware no doubt that the British Library is hosting the special lecture by Parks Canada on Monday 1 December entitled 'The Search for Franklin's Lost Ships' to coincide with their exhibition ‘Lines in the Ice: Seeking the Northwest Passage’ which runs from 14 November 2014 to 29 March 2015.  I'm looking forward to that very much (although the pedant in me notes the inaccuracy in the lecture title, given that the location of HMS Erebus is now known).  I will write up my considered impressions for the blog for anyone who wants to read them, but I would expect Facebook to give internet users a much more immediate, albeit perhaps more disjointed, impression of the event.

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