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Exciting times - 18 October 2009

These are exciting times in Franklin Expedition studies, especially if you live in or with access to London.

On Tuesday 20th September at 6:30 pm, the National Film Board of Canadian is showing the film 'Passage'. Unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to register for a ticket and they seem to have sold out now. Still, I'm going to show up and see if there are any returns...

On Friday 23rd September at 7:00 pm, Robert Grenier will be giving a talk entitled 'The Search for Franklin's Lost Ships' at the National Maritime Museum. The link is here:

I'm sure there will be lots of exciting news to hear.

Lastly, Captain James Fitzjames, RN, has now acquired a facebook page. The serious reason for this is to help me co-ordinate links to Fitzjames in the count-down to the release of his biography in July 2010. I hope also it is appropriately respectful to his memory, which still retaining a light touch. When I can work out how to put a link to it in this blog I'll add it. Until then I'm sure you will be able to find it by searching facebook.

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